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How We Got Here?

Acube Propstore was established in 2020. Archana Chaudhari, the Founder and Commercial Food Photographer herself found difficulty in finding the desired backdrops and props for her numerous food photography projects. So, with the understanding demand and the need for aspiring Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers, Product Bloggers, Makeup or Beauty Bloggers, Food Bloggers and Home Chef, our small venture has come into existence. The key to Photography is it's aesthetics and we, at Acube, help you cater best to your photography needs and elevate your work as an artist.


Acube brings to you the best of photography backdrops and props at an affordable rate.Also, all backdrops and 90% of our props are Solely Made in India ~ Vouch Vocal for local. You are now just a click away from turning your dream captures into reality. Acube Propstore, a one stop solution to your aesthetic photography needs!


Archana Chaudhari


 Commercial Photographer


Nirav Mistry

Business Manager 


Deepa Jadhav

IT Head


Damodar Chaudhari

Account Manager


Ritwik Nair

Art director

Our Team

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