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Acube Propstore-The Story

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

It all started when our owner, Archana Chaudhari came back from her job in Kuwait. Amidst the turmoil due to the corona virus pandemic, an idea of a photography backdrop store in Mumbai popped up in her mind. India has a very few propstores that deal with such products and in order to serve the photography & blogger community better, we started working on the idea.

The major concern initially was how to source the raw materials and products when the whole nation was in a lockdown mode. We waited somemore time. Then came June, when we actually started to get our supplies delivered and we started to gear up for the launch of the Acube Propstore. Even before the launch, we managed to sell a few products, all thanks to a few really good friends who promoted us on their instagram handles.

Our aim was to provide the community with the best of the backdrops and props under one store at affordable rates.


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